Growing Up. 

Today, when I was searching for a book in the cupboard, I randomly stumbled across a journal of mine in which I used to write as a kid. There were a lot of cute, innocent little poems that I’d written back then, but, there was one poem which caught my attention. It was something along these lines :

Here I’m today,
Alone and lonely in this big large world,
having none out there to show some love
and none to fill it with care.
But, when I look back at the past,
the hundreds and thousands of memories
come rushing by as a pleasant surprise.
Those memories are divine,
but now when I think of them,
my heart whines.
Time has changed and so have I,
hundreds of events have flown by,
all the good things that come my way,
turn into bad,
leaving me aghast at bay.
But, all I do is stand and stare ,
while they come and go,
making me even more insane.
Why am I in such a position today?
Am I the only one to blame for all the things happening to me everyday?
I don’t really know what’s wrong and what’s right,
all I know is that I need to keep my dreams in sight.
Everything that happens, happens for a reason is what they say,
this is a quote I think I need to believe in,
because, truly right now,
I don’t see any other way. 

Keeping my amazing grammar and my poetry skills aside : Sarcasm ( This poem is unedited)  , I don’t really know why a fourth grader, basically , a nine year old would write any such thing. I can’t even imagine how depressed I was while I was blabbering on about it. It was probably just a little fight or something like that.

Well, even that’s not the point. What I actually understood from this is that as we grow up, our problems grow bigger, but, our capability to handle them and manage them increases at the same time. The same things that you cried about as a kid don’t even matter to you anymore. In the same way, the same things that you’re crying about right now, won’t matter in the near future.

So, instead of moaning about our problems, we need to work on them and for that, firstly, we need to learn to face them. Because, more than half the people lose the battle just because they are too scared to face their problems. We need to believe, that though the issue seems terrifying and impossible to solve right now, it’s not really that difficult. All we need is the motivation to fight it.

Because, these very same issues that are haunting us right now, won’t matter a single bit when we grow up. I know it’s hard and I know it’s depressing. But, it’s life and life gives us no other choice but to face what’s in front of us. I’m not saying that we don’t have a choice,  In every situation, no matter what it’s, we ALWAYS have a choice.  What I’m saying is, although we have a choice , running away from the problem is definitely not one of them. And, common, it can’t be that hard. It’s our mind that sets itself to think that it’s impossible to achieve, when it’s so not the case.You can achieve anything that you desire, all you need to do is work hard enough to achieve it. And, Trust me when I say that the amount of satisfaction you get once whatever it’s that you want is achieved or your issue is sorted, it’s worth it all.

Because, after all :  We go through shit, we grow through shit. 


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