There is a certain philosophy I have seen people follow. I have seen relationships break. And I have seen lives falling apart. The reason may seem too complex to decipher but the truth is rather always simple – WE NEVER FORGET.

How often do we see things happen because somebody has a personal vendetta to satisfy? I wonder if it’s human to keep grudges for life and eventually, die with them. It doesn’t take long for us to decide that we never want to see that face again. There is an inherent belief in the concept of revenge. While it is certainly plausible to revert back when you are under the rock, is it equally reasonable to wait for years before getting back to avenge something that happened almost a lifetime ago?
From what I’ve been through, the pain of keeping a grudge does not do any harm to the person it is intended towards but rather dissolves itself within, slowly closing in, and choking us instead.

It is not easy to let go. And forgiveness may not always  be the right trait to have. Yet, sometimes you need to trade forgiveness for peace. Because, the problem with us is that we never forget. And, sometimes it’s the only thing that could heal our scars.


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