To everyone who has ever met me, Thank you. Thank you for inspiring me the way you did. You’ve made me the person I’m today. You may be thinking, how did you inspire me? when? Well, the truth is, even I don’t know when and how that happened, but you did motivate me sometime.Like the simplest of things, your shy smile, your contagious laugh, the way you talk or just the way you do things quite unaware of what you’re doing. I know it doesn’t make much sense to you, but I’m that kind of a person, these little things aren’t little to me.
I have always observed people and from what I can conclude I have never come across a person who is imperfect or a failure or not beautiful. It’s all those little imperfections that make you, YOU. Surely, everyone has scars from our past; some are visible, others not so much. It’s because you are a fighter that you have those scars , you know that? They can be your greatest strength if you allow them to.
I didn’t have an amazing relation with everyone I met and that’s quite normal. Some of us said goodbye and parted our ways whereas some of us never really bid goodbye; we just kind of ended. Even though you’re gone and I no longer talk to you, I will always remember you. I will always remember the memories you’ve gifted me. I promise to never look back upon a day as something that would make me sad or regret having you in my life. In the end I just hope that all of us make it and have a Lit life in the process.