And then one day, she taught me how easy it is to fall in love and sometimes, no matter how much you try, it is going to escape through your helplessness. You could blame it on fate or learn to live with the pain but that love would never again be as reckless as the one that left you scathing.
I have often heard people saying how nothing lasts forever – about the redundancy of everything that has materialized. Though it doesn’t make sense, sometimes, as an afterthought, I have realized that  some human emotions are rather necessary to keep the world up and running.
But, though they are absolutely necessary, why is it then that we are scared, scared of so many different things, one of them being – scared to fall. Be it the first time you began to walk or the the time you wanted to love but didn’t – the fear of that eventual fall is always on the back of our minds. But, sometimes all you need is to take a step forward and for all you know, the next moment, you might even have begun to fly. All you have to do is to give it a shot and believe in it.
The problem with us is that we let things go. We don’t do stuff just because of the nuances of the society. That is something which should never happen, because this life is yours and there’s no going back to the things you couldn’t or didn’t do when you had the chance to and when it comes to the society, well, people will always have a say about the things you take up. There are always going to be opinions; mostly equal to the number of people around you or even more if you are around a confused soul who cannot have a single opinion about something and some consequences may happen to go against the tide. But then, at the end of it all, none of it shall matter – NONE except the voice within.