I saw you hiding your face behind that sleazy Retrica filter last night intricately putting a veil of the skin tone that you wish you had. It’s only reasonable to look fair though – you need some attention and why would you not? You happen to be a girl and you need to put on everything you possibly can and adhere to the societal definition of beauty.
It was only a week ago – the dilemma of uploading a picture that would reveal more of your cleavage that would fetch you likes and comments about your apparent sexiness. It only makes sense to crave for compliments and hope that someone would fall for you – the kind of love that would make you feel like the princess you deserve to be treated as.

But, here is a moment of truth that you were certainly not waiting for. I wouldn’t lie to you any further and write narratives about the beauty of your soul, either. For, that might just sound all too other worldly to most people, including the ones that you long to please. Your face doesn’t resonate with the societal definition of beauty. And you do not have the hourglass figure that would make him go weak in his knees. An original picture of how you look will get you no followers on Instagram. It would however, make you as eccentric as your bio proclaims you are.

You talk blatantly about feminism and yet,  fall prey to the parameters that the society has set to keep you caged. It doesn’t help that you join in the discussion when it is time to judge another person for how they look, either. While it is certainly agreeable that feminism gives you the right to choose what you adorn over your body, you miss the point of self-individuality engraved in the same.

The feeling of being loved might give you the memories of a lifetime but only if the person you love is willing to love you when you’ve peeled off the layers of anonymity and enhancements, does he truly want you. And as much as it might hurt to read this, it may so happen that you may never come across somebody who would have you for who you truly are. But you do not need another person to tell you what you’re worth. What really matters is what you want to do. Popular opinions shall always vary but you are not obliged to reciprocate, care or even listen to them at the least.



And then one day, she taught me how easy it is to fall in love and sometimes, no matter how much you try, it is going to escape through your helplessness. You could blame it on fate or learn to live with the pain but that love would never again be as reckless as the one that left you scathing.
I have often heard people saying how nothing lasts forever – about the redundancy of everything that has materialized. Though it doesn’t make sense, sometimes, as an afterthought, I have realized that  some human emotions are rather necessary to keep the world up and running.
But, though they are absolutely necessary, why is it then that we are scared, scared of so many different things, one of them being – scared to fall. Be it the first time you began to walk or the the time you wanted to love but didn’t – the fear of that eventual fall is always on the back of our minds. But, sometimes all you need is to take a step forward and for all you know, the next moment, you might even have begun to fly. All you have to do is to give it a shot and believe in it.
The problem with us is that we let things go. We don’t do stuff just because of the nuances of the society. That is something which should never happen, because this life is yours and there’s no going back to the things you couldn’t or didn’t do when you had the chance to and when it comes to the society, well, people will always have a say about the things you take up. There are always going to be opinions; mostly equal to the number of people around you or even more if you are around a confused soul who cannot have a single opinion about something and some consequences may happen to go against the tide. But then, at the end of it all, none of it shall matter – NONE except the voice within.